Palm OS development & tooling

Also known as: we really like old technology, it seems… (source, docs) is a collection of library crates and command-line tools for interacting with Palm OS devices, and the data stored on them.

Current status:

Short-term plans:

Long-term plans:

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Collated here for easy reference.

Modern Palm OS compiler toolchain

Also known as: screw using GCC 2, if I’m writing C I want it to be nice!

The idea here is to port as much as possible of the GCC/binutils patchsets that make up prc-tools to a modern toolchain (GCC 11.2, binutils 2.37), and see how hard it’ll be to get some Palm OS applications compiling with that new toolchain.

Work in progress.

Our own Palm OS applications

Nothing yet. Depends on getting the above-mentioned modern compiler toolchain working.


Test & example files